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Mattawa Age-Friendly Community Action Plan

In 2018, LSI Inc. was retained by the Mattawa Community Development Inc. to develop an Age-Friendly Action Plan for the communities of Bonfield, Calvin, Mattawa, Mattawan, and Papineau-Cameron. The Plan guides municipal and community service providers in working together towards the development and delivery of age-friendly infrastructure, services, and programs.

Town of Espanola Cycling Plan

LSI Inc. and Share the Road were retained by the Town of Espanola to develop a Cycling plan under the 2017 Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program. The Cycling Plan provides the Town with a framework and recommendations that would make it easier for residents, visitors and cycling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to travel within and around Espanola. 

The Plan builds on Espanola’s existing assets to make the community more cycling friendly, and strengthens the community’s competitive position to other surrounding communities as a regional tourism destination that supports an active and healthier lifestyle.

Alcohol Policy Review

In 2017, LSI Inc. was retained by three Ontario health units to undertake a review of alcohol guidance documents, legislation, and existing policies and practices in the Canadian and international context. The review identified local alcohol policy options external to municipal alcohol policies and assessed their feasibility in the context of Ontario’s legislative environment.

Township of Tiny Parks & Recreation Master Plan

In 2017, LSI Inc., in association with Mehak, Kelly & Associates were retained by the Township of Tiny to develop a Parks & Recreation Master Plan. The purpose of this Master Plan is to provide “recommendations and strategic directions for the provision of services and facilities” to 2028, while enhancing “the traditional parks and master plan process by integrating the concept of healthy, active living with long term planning recommendations and strategies.” Recreation is defined as, “the experience that results from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community well-being.” 

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit Built Environment Training Workshop

During the summer of 2016, LSI Inc. was retained by the Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health Unit to conduct a full-day staff training workshop and develop land use planning/built environment tools using the BC Provincial Health Service Authority domains to support the development of a healthy built environment. 

Healthy Kids Community Challenge Policy Project

LSI Inc., in partnership with Mehak, Kelly and Associates Inc., were retained by the South East Grey Healthy Kids Community Challenge to complete a municipal and community policy project that considers opportunities to improve local policies that support healthy, active child and youth development by addressing physical activity and healthier eating.


The project identified policy opportunities to improve children and youth access to sufficient, safe, affordable, and accessible food and physical activity opportunities in GreyHighlands, Chatsworth, and Southgate; explored policy development opportunities that are applicable to small and rural communities using examples of initiatives and policies undertaken in other jurisdictions; and proposed feasible policy recommendations and actions that can be undertaken over the short-term (18months) and long-term (5 years). 



City of Brantford Age-Friendly Needs Assessment and Municipal Plan

LSI Inc.., in partnership with Mehak, Kelly & Associates, completed the City of Brantford Age-Friendly Needs Assessment and Municipal Plan. 


The project focuses on the City’s mandate and assesses its current position in relation to the WHO’s eight dimensions, and provides direction on a planning and evaluation for ongoing improvements to the City’sage-friendliness.The assessment included an audit of the City’s policies, programs, and services against the WHO’s eight age-friendly dimensions to determine where it currently stands, the municipality’s readiness to apply for WHO for age-friendly accreditation, and a detailed approach to future planning and evaluation of age-friendly initiatives. It also considered potential opportunities for partnerships with other community agencies and organizations that also serve older adults. 

Active Living Implementation Strategy and Active Transportation Plan

LSI Inc. was retained by the Town of Mattawa and the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit (NBPSDHU) to produce an Active Living Implementation Plan. The Plan identifies existing infrastructure, assets and programming that supports physical activity. Recommendations included proposed improvements including pedestrian and multi-use routes, signage, trails, and facilities enhancements.


The Plan includes prioritized recommendations based on costs and ease of implementation, presents accompanying policy directions for consideration in a new Mattawa Official Plan, and suggests external funding sources to support implementation.


Kitchen Incubator Business Feasibility Assessment

LSI Inc. was retained by the Chatham-Kent Food Council to develop a Kitchen Incubator Business Feasibility Assessment. The project included an assessment of three candidate sites within the municipality to develop a Kitchen Incubator.

Accessible Recreation and Healthy Food Policy Project

In partnership with Mehak, Kelly & Associates, LSI Inc. was retained by the County of Oxford Public Health Unit to present approaches, policies, and actions to facilitate the provision of healthier foods in indoor and outdoor recreation spaces in Oxford County.


A healthier food assessment included a literature review to gain an understanding of the range of policies that can increase the provision of healthier foods, a workshop to identify existing
efforts in food provision and to identify preliminary challenges, and a Healthy Eating resident survey to understand patron attitudes towards existing food options available to them at local recreation centres. A report was developed presenting approaches, policies, and actions to facilitate the provision of healthier foods in indoor and outdoor recreation spaces in Oxford County. Since the completion of the report, Oxford Public Health is now working with Blandford-Blenheim and Zorra Townships to offer healthy eating options at community centres in Plattsville, Thamesford and Embro.


An affordable recreation assessment included the development of a county-wide, collaborative approach to improving affordable access to recreation for physical activity. Project components included community engagement workshops with residents representing vulnerable populations. The project identified improvements to services and programming to improve access and participation. 


Rural Active Living Assessment and Implementation Plan

LSI Inc. was retained by the Porcupine Health Unit to undertake an Active Living Assessment . The project’s objectives were to  establish an inventory of Kapuskasing’s existing infrastructure and conditions that can support walking, cycling, and other physical activity enablers


The project also identified locations/barriers where existing infrastructure and conditions pose safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists;  provided suggestions for routes, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and community enhancements that would improve pedestrian and cycling mobility (based on the results of the audit results).


Short and long term recommendations were developed to ​identify infrastructure, policy and program improvements to support physical activity.



Active Living Plan for the Municipality of St-Charles, the Township of Baldwin, and the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers

LSI Inc. was retained by the Sudbury & District Health Unit to complete Rural Recreation Assessments for the Municipality of St.-Charles, the Township of Baldwin, and the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers and their community partners towards enhancing physical activity



The  assessment included suggestions for improvements to the built environment, policy development opportunities, programming, and health promotion. The assessments also served to assist the municipalities and community partners to maintain collaboration, secure funding, and implement actions that will increase physical activity and improve the health and well-being of community residents.

Review of Regional and Local Land Use Policy and Public Health Policy

The Regional and Local Land Use Policy Review Project was undertaken by the Halton Region Health Department to identify policy opportunities that would support public health interests in the areas of nutrition and physical activity. Potential policy opportunities and areas of future consideration were identified for the Regional Municipality of Halton (upper-tier jurisdiction) and its four lower-tier municipalities: City of Burlington and Towns of Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville.

This project was completed in 2015.


LSI was retained to help the Halton Region Health Department plan for future health-related municipal policy initiatives, and influence land use policy development at the upper- and lower-tier to better support population health. This project also fulfilled a secondary objective by increasing the capacity of Health Department staff to contribute to municipal policies to support health.


The project included a policy inventory of existing upper- and lower-tier land use planning policies, plans, guidelines and standards, and the development of policy recommendations to address gaps or refinements.



Lambton County Emergency Management Services Strategic Plan

In partnership with Performance Concepts Limited, LSI Inc. was retained to develop a Strategic Plan for the County of Lambton Emergency Management Services.

Health Impact Assessment Study for Land Use and Infrastructure Development

LSI Inc. was retained by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to develop a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Feasibility Study to investigate the incorporation of applying HIA to the municipality's land use and infrastructure development review process.

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